Suzie Devey

I am a story-seeker. As a printmaker I seek out stories and re-tell them using printmaking techniques. I enjoy the unexpectedness and playfulness of print. I find that there is solitude, solace and wonder in the creation of a plate as it is prepared for printing. When a group of people create prints this happens collectively, like starlings in flight. So I believe printmaking has the power to make a difference in people’s lives. To me sharing printmaking skills, teaching and guiding others to take up printmaking themselves is a vital part of being a printmaker. I have a tiny printmaking studio , “Two Tin Cans”, inside a red telephone box that I tour, in search of stories, in exchange for printmaking experiences. I work mainly in linocut but enjoy experimenting by mixing up printmaking techniques, to re-tell stories and make a difference in people’s lives…. One print at a time.


Long Walk Home

Showcase inside