Lesley Seeger

I paint in chalky acrylic onto Birch Ply primed with Gesso. The elemental, 'earthy' properties of these materials support the core of my artistic practice, plein air Landscape painting.


My response to landscape is both emotional and spiritual. At a time when nature is under threat and engagement with the earth is eclipsed by a contemporary obsession with technology, I seek to record the fields, trees and furrows while we still have them. Current work is concerned with the landscape of the British Isles but my palette is sometimes still influenced by previous travels to India, Sri Lanka and Morocco.


Painting outside in the landscape and completing work in the studio, I sketch directly onto the board, capturing the immediacy of moment and place. The many layers of each painting contain the painterly journey from chaos and destruction to order and balance, mirroring the cycle of death and rebirth in the natural world and the evolution of human consciousness.






Earth Song

Acrylic on Birch Ply2ft x 2ft

English Spring

Pots and Plants 2

Sharow Fields

The Bluebell Wood

Where the Buzzards Nest 2

Whispers of Spring