Ione Harrison, Land and Seascapes

Working mainly in watercolour, I am inspired by the natural world around me: the sweeping vistas of the moors and wild hills of Yorkshire - and the verdant mass of summer hedgerows. Having lived and worked in several different countries I love to use the vibrant heat-soaked colours that remind me of the Middle East and Asia. My overall aim in each painting is to move beyond the merely physical towards a more metaphysical or spiritual truth that is behind the physical world around us. Most recently, I have been using imprints from actual plants in my paintings – bits of fern or grass – so that there is a physical element of the landscape I am painting. I also make cards and giclee prints from my paintings.

Cards: £3

Prints from £30

Original watercolours from £50, unframed.

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Dandelion Clocks

Primrose Bank

Summer Hillside

Summer Meadow

Winter Moorland