Moving in - February 2018

The Painted Coffin moving in their slightly unusual works in progress, and the new studio all built and painted ready for Lottie's Photography to join the studios

Getting Ready! February 2017

The walls and floors are taking a little more work then expected to prepare, but we're getting there! Old, mouldy wallpaper down, carpet tiles up, fresh paint on and we're starting to look a lot cleaner and fresher! 

Disaster strikes! December 2017

Just what everybody needs 2 days after Christmas - a full scale flood in the building you're trying to convert into studios! Thankfully after a bit of mopping, a lot of cat litter (who knew?!) and some industrial dehumidifying, all is not lost! Source of flood found and fixed, electrics up and working, and a lovely dry building to work in again. Well, nobody said it would be easy...